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Driving under tension & stress

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Driving under tension and stress. Current google maps do not even allow the user to choose easily straight and safe road. I am going to automate the process based on reinforcement learning algorithm. Let's also make new maps for driving where we would have access to everything in the code.


Detecting the stress while driving:

It would be some score based reinforcement learning algorithm using the following observations:

1- Attach blood pressure and heart rate sensors on the chair. They will be noisy reading, but we are doing our best to solve a hard problem.

2- Detecting shouting

3- Detecting Baby crying for a long time

4- Detect rapid movement on the chair to avoid accidents.

5- Detect crossing the lanes multiple times within a short time

6- Detect many strong beaks within a short time



Based on some threshold on the risk score of the reinforcement algorithm, I suggest to do one of the following actions:

1- Change the suggest maps road to a straight and safe one. This would need some extra support from the driving maps.

2- Warning to slow down.

3- Warning to stop at the nearest plaza to relax.

4- Playing relaxing music.

5- Warning, Warning, Warning ... etc

6- Call 911 to save the driver and his family


How to strengthen your mind?

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In Short, try to understand how your mind works and then enhance it. I can say that human's mind is much stronger than thousands of years back. So how could you strengthen your mind?

Step 1: Understand how it works?

If I gave you the first row of numbers like

1st row: 3,4,1,2,5,6

and ask for the second row?

It will be for sure

2nd row: 9,10,7,8,11,12

I could construct this 2nd row because I understood the first row. Thus, you have to understand your mind to be able to enhance and improve it. Understanding your mind would be by:

A- logging most reaction to the normal life actions.

B- Try to keep your school exams.

C- Write and log every moment during hardships. Hardships are the real treasure which would help you a lot to enhance your mind.

D- Write actions that make you angry and action that let you feel sad.

Step 2: Get a fair review.

Look carefully at your reaction. Try to tell if this reaction correct or wrong. Seek your close friend, father ... about feedback about your behavior. Give scores to your response.

Step 3: You realize now your problem. Try to be better next time. Try to get higher scores. Go to step 1 again.

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How to collaborate with me?

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You need just to hold an engineering degree. No need to be registered under a school. You can work in research without any degree. The Research and collaboration with me are open to everyone. Try to follow these steps to collaborate with me:

1- Open my homepage

Check the five running projects. All my papers are open source under researchgate. Try to choose a project which follows your interest.

2- Choose whether you prefer

A- theory +practical

B- theory only

C- practical only

3- Send an email with the following

subject: [X][Y] YOURNAME

X: project number

Y: a or b or c from number 2

Send the email to [email protected], [email protected]

If you are not sure, leave it as X and/or Y

You are more than welcome to propose new ideas as well.

4- Read about the chosen project. Try to propose a new extension to currently available papers. Reply to the same mail with your idea.

5- We will filter the applicants by asking for 12 minutes presentation on some related topic and giving a take-home exam. We will divide you into groups. I have some personal problems. I hope to resolve them soon and start working with all of you soon.

6- Please ask your questions in public here so that other people would get the answer.


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PhD Preliminary Exam

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No one can deny that US power comes from getting best people from different countries over the world. So the diversity is an advantage. However, it is very challenging to make a preliminary Ph.D. exam for international students with this vast diversity in backgrounds, languages, and traditions. Perfect fairness is an impossible problem. I am just trying to do my best. I think it will continue to be an open problem forever to achieve justice and get the best students. I will write my initial thoughts, and I will keep revisiting this post. By the way, I failed in my first attempt at UCLA Ph.D. preliminary exam :) and I do not blame anyone in the process. Do not worry; it was perfect for me to fail the first time to learn and think more and more. I disagree with letting the students leave their jobs and life. There is a high risk of failure. I disagree with this behaviour.

Thus, I suggest making it two-step exams before starting the program as follows:

1) Step one: Unified undergraduate exam for each group of schools:

A- Divide the schools over the world into regions.

B- Each region would present and have a group of students with a specific background.

C- Make a unified exam for each sub-region. Deep tricks are not allowed. Depend on the basic undergraduate knowledge for each region. Thus we could achieve fairness as much as we can in this phase.

D- Now, let's put a specific passing threshold for each sub-region. The threshold would be chosen according to average and standard deviation of each group each year.

C- Filter the students in each group based on the group threshold. Now we have a group of X good students from different regions.

2) Step two: Unified thinking and open problem exam for group X.


A- Make unified open problem exam independent on student backgrounds. Just do your best to have an exam with pure thinking to evaluate the mental capability of the students.

B- Handle the exam to the students some hours beforehand. Cheating is another open problem, and it is out of the scope of this post.

C- The same committee has to listen and evaluate to the students.

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